Shri Swarup Saheb

SHRI TARTAM SAGAR (Shri Swarup Saheb) is main GRANTH of the Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma.

वन्दौं सतगुरु चरणको, करूं प्रेम प्रणाम ।
अशुभ हरण मंगल करण, श्रीदेवचन्द्रजी नाम ।।
श्री प्राणनाथ निजमूलपति, श्री मेहेराज सुनाम ।
तेजकुंवरी श्यामा युगल, पल पल करूं प्रणाम ।।

The works of Mahamati Prannath was put in writing from Vikram Samvat 1715. It is a large volume of 18758 chopais. This priceless and incomparable volume is an inexhaustible store of Hindi literature decorated with Sindhi, Jati and Hindustani [a mixture of Hindi, Urdu and Persian], languages. This treasure of literature is seen in the form of a new path-finder as a workshop for scholar and researchers of today.

This great store of literature has got a wonderful power of providing happiness and peace to the souls distressed and oppressed by sorrows and pains of this illusory world. This has shown them an easy way to reach the divine abode of Chinmaya as well as the Supreme lord. In addition to this, there is also a solution to the religious, social and political problems of the society of the time. The Pranami People know this great volume by the name of Kulajam Swarupa, Tartamvani, Shri Mukhvani and Swarup Saheb.

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