Shri Kirantan

‘Shri Kirantan’ is the sixth of the fourteen volumes of the Holy Kuljam Swaroop (ShriTartamSagar), which reveals similarities and common principles and values of Hinduism and Islam based on major scriptures such as Vedas, Gita, Bhagvatam, Puranas, Koran, and Hadith.  For example, the meaning of Harafe Mukta-Aat 'Alaf-Lam-Mim' is disclosed:  [Koran, sup. 1, 2] These three holy words are the names of Allah's three Surats: 

Alaf=Basri, Prophet Muhammad, 
Lam=Malki Consort Shyama Dev., and 
Mim=Hakki, Akhrul Jama Imam Mehndi, Buddha Nish-Kalanka Avatar Lord Prannath. 

 Alaf kahya Muhammad ko, Rooh Allah Isa Lam |
 Mim Mehndi Pak se, eah tino eak kahe Allah Kalam ||
                                                                            (Kuljam Swaroop)

In brief, this books unfold the true meanings of the many mysterious worlds, specifically in the Holy Koran, which have been kept secret for a long period of time.

Available eBooks to read online
        Shri Kirantan (With Meanings)- 460 pages

Bibliographic information
Shri Kirantan
Sri Prannathji
Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham, Jamnagar. 
 2103 verses various places, 
Descended at
Various parts of India, 1666 -1691AD
Shri Kuljam Swaroop, Shree Tartam Sagar
Language Versions
Hindi, Gujarat and Jati

About the author
Sri Prannathji

About the publisher
Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham Khijda Mandir Trust-Jamnagar.

Copyright Notes
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2008 with the publisher. 


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